I dedicate this book to my beloved grandfather Late Kedarnath Sinha (my Dadaji). As he is my Ideal and Inspiration. The best thing I have learnt from my Dadaji is the "Never Giving Up Attitude" which has made me strong and who I am today. Thank you Dadaji for all the motivation, teaching and for being the pillar of my strength in all my odds and happy days.


To my father in law Rajesh Kumar Sinha and my wife Tulika Sinha for unconditional support throughout my Entrepreneurial Journey. I would also like to thank my Brother Vishal Sinha, brother-in-law Tushar Sinha, mother Pushpa Verma, father Nk Sinha, mother-in-law Monika Sinha & my brothers from another mother P. Shankaran, Prem Chaurasia and S Bhaskar Rao for all the support and guidance.

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