Social Equality in Rama Charit Manas


About the BookGoswami Tulsidas, who wrote Shri Rama Charit Manas, was the greatest poet of his era. The Hindu society at the time of Tulsidas was experiencing the most deep-rooted evil, the Varna or Caste systems. The People of Shudra Varna were deprived of social, religious, and educational rights. In such an environment, Tulsidas tried to remove all social in equalities through his creation, Shri Rama Charit Manas, dedicated to the devotion of Lord Rama, and built a platform for everyone, where all discrimination is erased. He was aware of their conditions and reflected this perspective in the epic. He showed the right way through, Lord Rama, who treated them at par and befriended and embraced them. The author, R.K Chopra, comes from a religious family of Varanasi, which Published Shri Rama Charit Manas in 1930s. In this book, he has tried to present a literary interpretation of supposedly controversial verses in the epic and illustrated the Poet’s support for Social Equality.   About the AuthorThis book was published online on 5th April 2018, Under this title, some complex texts have been abridged. The Author, Rajesh Kumar Chopra, hails from a religious family in Varanasi. His grandfather late Shri Mool Chand Chopra ji was the first publisher of Shri Rama Charit Manas श्री राम चरित मानस in 1930s from Sanmarg Karyalay (the Office Named after the religious magazine ‘Sanmarg’ being published from there) located at his ancestral house at Varanasi. Though the author does not claim to be an expert on the Hindu religion, with his background he has his own opinion on many facets of the Hindu religion. The content of this book is based on the narrations he understood from his father late Shri Dev Kumar Chopra ji.

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