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FOREWORD ‘’ Children know how to dream and they are not afraid to dream big. Children don’t dream about desk jobs-they want to become astronauts, pilots, poets ! They believe everything is possible.’’ Achieving a milestone of writing four books within a limited period is a testimony of NavyaKaushik’sfew and far between talent. Reading a bunch of poems “ Ecstasy of Delightful Poems” is a treat to the mind and heart of a readers . It contains 100 short poems , covering various moods and aspects of life of human beings and shows remarkable and intrinsic imagination of this young poet . The book reaches climax with Funeral Part-1 and Funeral Part- 2 , the eternal truth and reality of life. I am pleased to note her concern for the country which is also reflected in a few poems. I am surprised that she has great vision and concern for the country, She is delicately concerned for the environment and human values. Navya’s previous award winning and hot selling books ‘Delighted Flight of My First Poetry’ and ‘Delightful Century of My Poems’ , have been liked and appreciated by the readers. The books are highly inspirational, thought provoking, habit forming and engaging in a manner that if you start reading, you don’t feel like stopping, more you read more you dive deep into them. It is not a surprise that a few remarkable prizes and accolades have been bestowed upon this champion little author. NavyaKaushik has been awarded with very prestigious “YOUNG POETICAL AWARD-2019’’ by India Book of Records for her first book. She has been honouredand recorded in Royal Success International Book of Records 2020 for the YOUNGEST POET AWARD 2020. Her school has been very supportive in nurturing her innate potentials in a veryorganised manner and I am sure that she will make the country proud with her innate talent. She is definitely a gifted and talented child. May God bless her ! Gp. Capt. Karan Singh SinghBhati( Retd.) Senior Advocate- on- Record ,


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