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Sri Rudram evm uski Chamatkarik Shaktiyan

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Sri Rudram  or Sat Rudriyam or Rudrodhyayam  or Rudropanishad , by any of these names youmay know it are the Vedic verses or Mantras  of KRISHNA YAJURVEDA and treasured in thefifth chapter of fourth canto of Taittiriya Samhita .Here approx.300 names ofParmeshwar who pervades in all small or huge ,poor or rich, significant orfrivolous , animate or inanimate beings or objects are rhythmically woven withrepetition of NAMAH –NAMAH( नमःनमः) . That is why; this is also called Namakam(नमकम्). Similarly in the seventh chapter ofthe same canto, the word CHAME (चमे), meaning –“and for me” is occurring inrepetition. For that reason, this chapter is known as Chamkam (चमकम्).The mantras inthis chapter bestow upon the devotee the blissful and wonderful objects of thisworld and of the other world which are beyond your contemplation.

WHY SRI RUDRAM -Rudramisessence of all Vedas. This whole universe is expansion of HIS universalconsciousness .It is like a PARAS stone, like a CHINTA MANI and like a KAMDHENUwhich fulfils your all wishes and eradicate all your worries and ills. SMRITIsays that Rudram is greater than Brahmlok and according to VEDVYAS; He isgreater among allDevta’s. PURAN says if a single person recites RUDRAM withfull faith and devotion, then all the persons residing in that village becomefree from diseases, poverty, famine, troubles and fear of theft .It imparts happiness,bliss, worldly pleasures and enjoyments (BHUKTI) and liberation from allbondages (MUKTI).

WHY THIS BOOK –In this book, VEDIC hymns of Sri Rudramare explained word by word in a very simplified and scientific manner withetymology where ever needed in native HINDI language .Also, the summary of subchapter or Anuvak is quoted in the beginning of that Anuvak, so that the readercan apprehend the essence. The concise commentary of renowned Sanskrit scholarslike SAYAN, BHATT BHASHKAR, ABHINAV SHANKAR and VISHNU SURI etc. are cited insimplified Hindi language. The most important aspect of this book is that theauthor has derived 133 Mantras of Sri Rudram as panacea for all possiblediseases and problems and source of prosperity, power, peace, progress, positivityand universal bliss. This book is a must for all those who want to get ridof all their problems and a ready reckoner to attain all worldly comforts andultimate liberation. This book is an extract of 30 years personal experience ofthe author who is Physicist and also a Sanskrit scholar.